Inter Milan To Battle AC Milan Over Cesc Fabregas


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AC Milan and Inter Milan are two of the biggest teams not only in the Italian Serie A, but all over Europe. As such, it shouldn’t be strange to see both clubs interested in the same player. And according to reports in England, that is going to be the case once again.

It seems both Inter Milan and AC Milan have expressed interest in making a move for Cesc Fabregas, as the Spaniard does not appear to have a safe spot on Maurizio Sarri’s tactical scheme and Chelsea wouldn’t be opposed to the idea of parting ways with him if they can get a decent return. Both sides see Fabregas as an ideal addition since both teams are aiming to push their way up through the ranks of Serie A once again.

The former Arsenal and Barcelona star is already 31 years old so he’s not getting any younger, and his contract runs out at the end of the current campaign so Chelsea must act quickly. For what is worth, it seems his time at the top of the echelon is coming to an end, and making a move to the Serie A wouldn’t be the worst thing since he could remain in a competitive environment.