Pep Guardiola Believes Lionel Messi Should Stay At Barcelona


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If there’s one manager who knows Lionel Messi, that’s Pep Guardiola. The Manchester City manager was asked about Messi situation’s since he has been linked with an exit from Barca following the latest controversy surrounding the Spanish giants.

However, Guardiola says he is against any potential move, saying: “He’s a player from Barcelona. He will stay there. That is my wish: stay in Barcelona. I think he’s going to finish his career there.”

He’s not the only PL manager who believes Messi is not going to leave Barca any time soon. Bournemouth’s Eddie Howe said “I’ve always said I want to see the best managers and players in the Premier League but I know his history with Barcelona and what he’s achieved in his career is incredible and Barcelona is a huge, huge football club.”

Everton’s manager Carlo Ancelotti has a similar opinion. “It would be fantastic for the Premier League but I don’t think it is possible. Messi is a Barcelona legend and I’m sure he is going to finish his career at Barcelona.”

Manchester City would probably be the only PL club with enough financial resources to make a serious push at Messi, and the Argentina international would reunite with Pep if that’s the case. But it’s quite unlikely that he will leave the Liga giants this summer.