‘Manchester United Do Not Need Paul Pogba’


Manchester United could lose Paul Pogba this summer and that seems like a more and more realistic option. Gary Neville spoke about the Frenchman and his eagerness to leave the club and what could that mean for the Devils.

“They don’t have to keep any player. Manchester United are a better team when Paul Pogba plays but if players don’t want to be at the club – that doesn’t mean Pogba, he may want to be at the club – you have to get everybody onside and aligned with where you’re going”, Neville claims.

“Ultimately, that’s the first thing Ole had to do – to work out who was going to be ready for the club moving forward. I’m still unsure on many players. I see the speculation on Sky Sports News and online and it looks like it could be moving all the time. You’ve got to get players in before you let them go because being armed with the money makes you vulnerable”, former Man United full-back concluded.