Chelsea Looking To Include Antoine Griezmann In Any Negotiation With Atletico Madrid

All of this is because the Spanish-Brazilian forward wants to return to Atletico Madrid, but Chelsea do not want to part ways with him that easily. In fact, Chelsea are reportedly trying to include Antoine Griezmann in any potential negotiation that would send Costa back to Spain.
According to several reports in England, Chelsea would be keen to talk about Costa during the January transfer window but only if Los Colchoneros decide to include Griezmann in the transfer talks. That scenario looks highly unlikely, however, as the French international is Atletico’s most important player. And it would not make sense if they get Costa back but sell Griezmann.
Costa netted 22 goals last season for the Stamford Bridge outfit, and there is no question he would improve Atletico’s attacking line considerably. But Chelsea need to find another way to part ways with him, because it seems highly unlikely that they will be able to snap Griezmann away from Madrid any time soon.