United Still Hoping To Land Perisic


It’s one of this summer’s enduring dramas, and a deal many assumed was dead. However, the Independent reports Manchester United have not yet given up hope of landing Ivan Perisic, 28, this summer.

Inter Milan refuse to move on their demand of a fee of £50m for the Croatian international and while United’s interest dimmed earlier in the summer, it is reignited with the prospect of selling Anthony Martial, 22, to AS Roma for £30m. A net investment on a player with 57 international caps is a tempting investment.

While the newly-appointed Internazionale coach, Luca Spalletti, has yet to throw in the towel over keeping Perisic, there’s a genuine sense in Italy that he firmly believes the club is bigger than any one player.

Speaking to the Italian media, the former Roma boss declared, “Perisic is an important player for us, we’re counting on him.” However, he is wizened enough to know the way football worked. He continued, “Let’s see what he has to say, I don’t expect him to say that he wants to leave, that would be bad. We’ll see what his intentions are.”

It’s hardly a ringing endorsement of the club’s position although as he is still in contract, Inter are under no obligation to sell. Yet, the hallmarks of the modern game are such that he is under no illusion that if the player decides he wants to leave, that is generally the end of the subject.

Arguably, United have a better chance of landing the title this season than Inter. Juventus are dominant in Serie A whereas the Red Devils are one of six teams who realistically count themselves in the title race. Adding Perisic to their squad will improve their chances significantly.