Angel Di Maria On His Way To Juventus?


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Angel Di Maria could be on his way to the Italian Serie A in order to join Juventus, if recent reports are deemed to be true. The current PSG star would be “open” to leave PSG and would certainly welcome the challenge of playing in the Serie A.

In fact, recent reports have indicated that the Argentine winger’s agent has been in contact with the reigning Serie A champions to make them aware of his situation, considering his current deal with Les Parisiens expires in June 2019.

The timing of the move would make sense, though. Di Maria has already played for several top European clubs such as Real Madrid, Manchester United, Benfica and PSG… but he is yet to play in the Serie A. With that in mind, it wouldn’t be the worst thing if he decides to make the jump to Italy before the returns to Argentina, or chooses to retire.

However, things might not be as easy as they sound. His wage demands would be in excess of €10 million, so Juventus aren’t said to be overly interested in signing him. Plus, it’s not like Juventus are lacking attacking depth on the wings. They already have Juan Cuadrado, Cristiano Ronaldo, Paulo Dybala, Douglas Costa and Federico Bernardeschi to operate on such a role. If anything, adding him into the mix could create a logjam.

Only time will tell whether Juventus end up signing Di Maria. But the winger is quite keen on the idea.