FC Barcelona Reportedly Rejected Chance to Sign Paulo Dybala


There was a lot of talk regarding FC Barcelona‘s constant swings and misses during the transfer market. After losing Neymar to PSG, Los Blaugranas captured Ousmane Dembele from Borussia Dortmund, but failed to capture more experienced players such as Angel Di Maria, Philippe Coutinho, and Paulo Dybala.

However, they had at least two instances to sign the Juventus star but reportedly rejected a move. According to a report from La Sexta, Dybala was offered to Juventus officials at least twice. The first approach from the Serie A giants came in mid-August and involved a reported 120 million price tag.

However, the Board of Directors rejected the move since they felt Messi “wasn’t compatible” with Lionel Messi, and instead chose to focus their efforts to land Coutinho. And well.. we all know how that turned out.

Barca had another chance to land him nearing the end of the transfer window, but once again rejected the move. It is quite puzzling to reject a 120M offer for Dybala if we consider they spent 150M in Dembele, and that they offered even more money for Coutinho.

As a result, Dybala will remain at Juventus for the foreseeable future, and Barca missed out on the chance of adding a potential cornerstone player that could have become Messi’s perfect partner and Neymar’s best replacement.

There’s always next year, though. Although they might never have the chance to sign Dybala at such a bargain price again.