Rose Not Sure About His Tottenham Stay


Danny Rose just played in a Champions League final, but he may not be part of Tottenham’s squad next season. The English left-back said in an interview he is not sure of what the future holds for him now, but that he is ready for every possible solution.

“I’m looking forward to a break. If I’m back at Tottenham next season, great, if I’m not – great. I’ll just have to wait and see”, he said to Sky Sports.

“It’s not about regular first-team football. I know my age and I know how the club’s run in terms of if you get to a certain age they might look to ship you on. It has been no secret that my name has been mentioned quite a few times in terms of players moving on and I’ll be just sitting tight over the next few weeks and just seeing what happens. Either way I’m prepared for whatever happens.”