What Is Happening Between AC Milan and Suso?


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AC Milan and Suso seem to be in a bit of a stalemate. The Spanish winger and the Italian club are currently in prolonged talks regarding a new contract for the player, but it looks like the solution will not be found for a little while longer.

Suso has been in fine form in Italy these past 18 months and his contract until June 2022 could be improved. The club is ready to offer him €4m per year and get rid of a €38m release clause that is part of his current contract. However, the player wants around €5m per year with bonuses included, which makes the whole thing harder to conclude.

It looks like a big part of the conversation will be whether AC Milan will qualify for the Champions League. If Milan get in the elite competition, it would be easier to sign a new contract with Suso, while failure in that regard would leave Suso open to leaving the club.

Time will tell…