City Dealt Messi Blow – Aguero Delivers Bad News


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It was only ever fantasy football at best but Manchester City dared to dream of signing Lionel Messi.

However, talkSPORT claims that Sergio Aguero was told by his 30-year-old compatriot that he had no impulse to leave the Camp Nou during the recent international break. To the relief of a Catalan nation riven by discord and discontent, Lionel Messi is staying at Barcelona.

Currently recovering from the impact of a car crash in Amsterdam, Aguero told the Argentinean media that “City would have no money problems in regards to signing Messi.” He went on to highlight that it is more than just an issue about money, For the Catalan club, “he is a symbol of Barcelona and it would be very difficult for him to leave.”

It’s hardly surprising he doesn’t want to leave. Part of his new deal is an £80m (c. €100m) signing-on fee from the Blaugrana. That will make the woes inflicted by the Spanish tax authorities disappear from his mind.

Arsène Wenger recently observed that more players are going to move into the final year of their contract and Messi is a prime example of the power those at the top of the game wield.

In 79 days, he is free to talk to any non-Spanish club – or even a Spanish one if the Catalan government declare UDI; Barcelona will blink furiously before the 31st December deadline passes.