England move likely for Erling Haaland


Borussia Dortmund star Erling Haaland is most likely to play in the Premier League next season, according to Melissa Reddy of the Independent.

Haaland’s future has been heavily discussed and speculated on in the last week, especially in the light of the trip to Spain his father Alf-Inge and agent Mino Raiola went on, mere days before the first leg of the Champions League quarterfinal clash between Manchester City and Dortmund, played at the Etihad tonight (Tuesday). Reddy firmly believes the timing of the trip is no coincidence, though it has nothing to do with Dortmund’s prospects in this match.

It was made with the intention of firmly grabbing the attention of the current Premier League leaders and likely title winners this season, who will not only have the space in the squad for Haaland with Sergio Aguero leaving in the summer, but also the financial muscle required to pull off such a signing. Real Madrid and Barcelona, despite Raiola’s visit, aren’t likely to be able to compete with City in that aspect.

On the other hand, Manchester United and Chelsea could. Even though silverware would practically be a certainty for Haaland at the Etihad, United will be hoping that a chance to play a vital role in their return to the very top of English and European football would prove more appealing to the 20-year-old. Meanwhile, Chelsea have already shown last summer that they have the money and the attraction to lure top attacking talent from Germany.

Facing City, Dortmund’s plan will likely be to get the ball to Haaland as fast as possible and rely on him to present City defenders with a nasty nightmare.