Gossip Column: Pogba, Marcelo, Monreal, Moreno, Terry, and Insigne


Football Gossip Column

Wednesday 12th September 2018

What Juventus wants, Juventus gets. For a start, 30-year-old Real Madrid defender Marcelo, who will be followed swiftly into Turin by Manchester United wantaway 25-year-old midfielder Paul Pogba.

And what Barcelona wants…is 32-year-old Arsenal left-back Nacho Monreal and compatriot Alberto Moreno, 26, of Liverpool.
Mundo Deportivo

Not unsurprisingly, there are no takers for Lorenzo Insigne, 28, with Napoli president Aurelio Di Laurentiis telling the world he has no release clause in his contract, but the club will listen if anyone mentions £178m

Who wants to be a Millionaire? John Terry, 37, apparently and he won’t be joining Spartak Moscow. Is it because:

  • It’s too cold for him and his arthritic knees won’t stand up to it
  • He wants an additional £1.2m per year to sweeten the deal, or…

Sport Express

…is it:

  • He and his family are scared to move there because Anglo-Russian relations are at an all-time low and they are concerned he may get ‘Novichok’-ed? Or…

Daily Mirror

…is it:

  • Aston Villa want to sign him?

Birmingham Mail

Darren Bent has the same concerns about moving to Glasgow but as there are no better offers on the table, the 34-year-old striker is keen as mustard to play for Rangers. Supported them as a boy, apparently.

And London’s Rangers, the QPR variety, want Nathan Oduwa, 22, the former Tottenham winger who played for Rangers, after he did jolly well in a recent trial.
West London Sport