Arsenal in Talks with Wenger’s Replacement


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The ink is barely dry on Arsene Wenger’s resignation statement and Arsenal are already in talks with the man they want to replace him, the Daily Mail claims.

Luis Enrique – formerly boss of Roma, Celta Vigo, and Barcelona – took a year off after leaving the Camp Nou and is ready to return to club football. During his time in charge in Catalunya, he won all competitions Barcelona entered at least once, including the Champions League and World Club Cup.

He is close to the Gunners newly-appointed head of football relations Raul Sanellhi, the Mail reports, with the pair recently dining together in London. They were spotted in “deep discussion”, which is now being presumed to be about replacing Wenger.

Enrique isn’t the only man interested in the job. Carlo Ancelotti, according to the Evening Standard, is ready and willing to talk to Arsenal about the task of turning the club around.

“The Gunners know their own future, if their plans involve me then I’m pleased from a professional point of view, but at the moment there’s nothing else.”

Which is about as clear a ‘come and get’ me plea as you will find.

Whatever the case, the contenders are finding their champions in the media but will any of them carry weight with being a friend of one of Arsenal’s senior executives?